Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Standings as of 8/2

Challenge Cup (after 2 races)
  1. #94-Tom Klein
  2. #66-Phil Odence
  3. #73-John Kiley
Informal Series (after 5 races)
  1. #76-Dr. Greg Austin
  2. #4-Jay Jackson
  3. #60-Lincoln Jackson
Cabot Series (after 3 races)
  1. Allison Jackson
  2. Casey Dannhauser
  3. Hellie Swartwood
Championship Series (after 3 races)
  1. #4-Jay Jackson
  2. #60-Lincoln Jackson
  3. #1-Warren Wheelwright
July Junior Series (FINAL)
  1. John Keally
  2. Andrew Solomon
  3. Nick Solomon
Senior Series (after 4 races)
  1. #80-Michelle Solomon
  2. #82-Adam Keally
  3. #16-Schuyler Hemmerdinger

Please Note: Most series, except for Cabot and Junior, are scored by the boat, not by the skipper. The skipper next to the boat number is who has raced that boat the most in that series

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