Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yachtsman's Trophy Winners Through the Years

The Yachtsman's trophy is given to the most improved junior.
1950-Diane Moore
1951-Reid Higgins
1952-Lorna Hayden
1953-Linda Rothschild
1954-Richard Boden
1955-Roger Barzun
1956-David Ebling
1957-John Wood
1958-Colette Wood
1959-Katherine Bailey
1960-Richard White
1961-Robert Bailey
1962-Barbara Chesney
1963-Sallie Williams
1964-Anna Wright
1965-Dake G. Henderson
1966-John Peck
1967-Jay Harvey
1968-Holly White
1969-Kip Gould
1970-Kip Gould
1971-Carlie Wells
1972-Geoff Edelson
1973-Gordon Jackson
1974-Nick Peirson
1975-Joe Nickerson
1976-Muffin Gould
1977-Peter Ryder
1978-Helen Swartwood
1979-Lincoln Jackson
1980-Alexander Swartwood
1981-Chat Churbuck
1982-Deirdre L. Nickerson
1983-Charles W. Goodwin
1984-Matthew W. Barzun
1985-Chris White
1986-Bart Burgess
1987-Christopher P. Goodwin
1988-Thayer F. Swartwood
1989-Charles L. Barzun
1990-Beth Coppe
1991-Kirsten Scannel
1992-Tom O'Keeffe
1993-Brendan Riordan
1994-Tim O'Brien
1996-Kristen Hendrick
1997-Greg Austin
1998-Jen Austin
1999-Catherine Long
2000-Katherine Austin
2001-Lauren Dennis
2002-Joseph Grimm
2003-Clarissa Odence
2004-Marco Knowles
2005-Michelle Solomon
2006-Sam Carley
2007-Nicholas Solomon
2008-Casey Dannhauser
2009-Andrew Solomon
2010-Jackson Barzun
2011-Davis Jackson

Monday, September 12, 2011

Club Champions Through the Years

1930 - Philip Nickerson
1931 - Apparent tie between Philip Nickerson and Vincent Bailey
1933-Vincent Bailey
1934-William G. Morse (Sr.)
1935-Anna Mattison
1936- Frederick E. Platt
1937-Joseph Mattison Jr.
1938-Joseph Mattison Jr.
1940-John Bentick-Smith
1941-Everett B. Jackson
1951-Gerard C. Henderson Jr.
1952-Everett B. Jackson
1953-Charles B. Swartwood III
1954-Frederick H. Boden
1955-Everett B. Jackson
1956-Gardner Jackson Jr.
1957-Frederick H. Boden
1958-Charles W. Bailey
1959-John Wood
1960-John Wood
1961-Robert C. Bailey
1962-John G. Chesney
1963-Charles W. Bailey
1964-Warren Wheelwright
1965-Robert H. Boden
1966-Charles W. Bailey
1967-Gardner Jackson III
1968-Larry Odence
1969-John A. Murray II
1970-Crane W. Stookey
1971-Gardner Jackson III
1972-Gardner Jackson III
1973-Gardner Jackson III
1974-David C. Churbuck
1975-Gordon F. Jackson
1976-Gardner Jackson III
1977-Gardner Jackson III
1978-Christopher Jackson
1979-Christopher Jackson
1980-Nicholas D. Peirson
1981-Nicholas D. Peirson
1982-Lincoln D. Jackson
1983-Henry C. Churbuck
1984-Gordon F. Jackson
1985-Lincoln D. Jackson
1986-Christopher M. White
1987-Charles B. Swartwood III
1988-David C. Churbuck
1989-Kip Gould
1990-Gardner Jackson III
1991-Gardner Jackson III
1992-Gardner Jackson III
1993-Lincoln D. Jackson
1994-Lincoln D. Jackson
1995-Lincoln D. Jackson
1996-Lincoln D. Jackson
1997-Lincoln D. Jackson
1998-Lincoln D. Jackson
1999-Stephan Knowles
2000-Lincoln D. Jackson
2001-Lincoln D. Jackson
2002-Christopher Jackson
2003-Lincoln D. Jackson
2004-Lincoln D. Jackson
2005-Gordon F. Jackson
2006-Gordon F. Jackson
2007-Lincoln D. Jackson
2008-Lincoln D. Jackson
2009-Brad Wheelwright
2010-Brad Wheelwright
2011-Brad Wheelwright

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Winter Months

Now that the races are over, the Labor Day meeting complete, and the leaves have begun to change colors, summer is officially over...until next year. However, that does not mean that the posting will come to a standstill until races start up again. Through the winter months winners of various series, bowls, and awards will be posted. Check back soon for the first list!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2012 Officers

Here are your elected officers for the summer of 2012
Commodore: Casey Dannhauser
Secretary: Jamie Spence
Treasurer: Adam Keally
Junior Representative: Andrew Solomon

Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Season Awards

Gordon Bowl
An award given annually to the prammer who shows the most enthusiasm, improvement, sportsmanship, and dedication to the yacht club on land and water. Given in honor of Gordon Jackson, who had a demonstrated passion for sailing and teaching. After Hurricane Bob he was seen everywhere lending a helping hand. His encouragement and support motivated many juniors to try their hand at the complicated sport of skiff racing.
John Collins

Yachtsman's Trophy
An award given annually to the junior who has shown the most improvement from last summer
Davis Jackson

Berry Bowl
An award given in the memory of Christopher Chatfield Berry. It is given to the junior who exhibits the most enthusiasm and involvement with the CMYC on and off the water
Michael Collins

B.V. White Award
An award given annually in the memory of Benjamin White. It is given to the ACMYC instructor who best exemplifies the spirit of Cotuit sailing by serving as a role model, racing, and contributing to CMYC events
Casey Dannhauser

Perky Cup
A special award given in the memory of Perky Wadsworth Lloyd. Not given every year, it is awarded for continuing the traditional spirit of CMYC women and for great contribution to the yacht club. This years recipient has been a constant sight on the water for several years, helping out the race committee however she can. The recognition of her efforts is a long time coming
Rita Neal

Sunday, September 4, 2011

3rd Labor Day Series

  1. #1-Brad Wheelwright
  2. #76-Jen Austin
  3. #66-Phil Odence
  4. #3-Stan Solomon
  5. #85-Conrad Geyser
  6. #12-Dake Henderson
  7. #4-Chris Jackson
  8. #80-Andrew Solomon
  9. #72-Dan Del Vecchio
  10. #87-Mike Dannhauser
  11. #22-Dakin Henderson
  12. #26-Charles Goodwin
  13. #90-Jay Jackson
  14. #83-DJ Long
  15. #14-Susannah Wheelwright
  16. #123-Jackson Barzun
DNF: #68-Dale Edmunds; #93-Casey Dannhauser

Saturday, September 3, 2011

2nd Labor Day Series

  1. #94-Jay Jackson
  2. #85-Conrad Geyser
  3. #4-Chris Jackson
  4. #1-Brad Wheelwright
  5. #72-Dan Del Vecchio
  6. #66-Phil Odence
  7. #82-Alex Keally
  8. #80-Andrew Solomon
  9. #88-Nick Pierson
  10. #3-Stan Solomon
  11. #76-Dr. Greg Austin
  12. #22-Dakin Henderson
DNF: #93-Casey Dannhauser; #90-Allison Jackson

1st Labor Day Series

  1. #1-Brad Wheelwright
  2. #66-Phil Odence
  3. #4-Jay Jackson
  4. #85-Conrad Geyser
  5. #76-Dr. Greg Austin
  6. #12-Chris Jackson
  7. #72-Jimmy Williams
  8. #88-Nick Pierson
  9. #3-Stan Solomon
  10. #83-Pat Long
  11. #90-Allison Jackson
  12. #87-Mike Dannhauser
  13. #68-Dale Edmunds
  14. #77-Larry Odence
  15. #94-Nelson Klein
  16. #26-Charles Goodwin
  17. #92-Jay Spence
  18. #93-Casey Dannhauser
DNF: #108-Dake Henderson
DSQ: #123-Jackson Barzun