Wednesday, July 2, 2014

4th of July Meeting and Tropical Storm Arthur

The 4th of July Meeting will be at 9:30 am this Friday.  It's looking like there is a good chance of thunderstorms that morning, so the meeting will most likely be in Freedom Hall.  I would also like to remind everyone that the dues this year are ten dollars per person and twenty dollars per family, and that they must be paid in cash because we currently cannot accept checks.  The ACMYC will also be selling clothing at this time.

It looks like there is a chance we will experience tropical storm conditions Friday night and Saturday morning.  I suggest that those who have not yet launched their skiffs hold off for as long as possible.  If by Friday it looks like we will be hit by the storm, we will be hauling the skiffs that are already in the water when we would normally be having the 4th of July Race (2:30 pm).

I will send out an update if conditions change.

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