Monday, July 16, 2012

An Award for a Commodore

July 4th Meeting 2012
An Award For A Commodore
Presented By: Chris Jackson

I have recently done a bit of research on the Commodores of the Cotuit
Mosquito Yacht Club (This information is available in the archive section of the website if you would like to check my facts).

The CMYC has had 84 Commodores spanning it’s 106 years. By my count 20
are here today going back to 1948. 1942 is in town but is not here due to a bad back.

Commodore 1912, 1913, 1965 and 2005 have the shortest last name at 4
letters. Commodores 1932, 1934 and 1937 had the longest at 13 letters. Honorable
mentions to 2003, 2008, and 2010. 22 Commodres had 7 letter last names, 18 had 5,
none had eleven.

There have been 3 three generation Commodore families. We have had 18
parent/child Commodore families.

Many Commodores have dated but there has only been one marriage
between commodores 1940 and 1942. Sadly it didn’t last. But happily they had 5
children 2 of whom became Commodore.

There have been 4 Commodores unable to serve their full term.
Unfortunately 3 of them are related to me. Happily none of them died in office.

Six CMYC prizes have been named after former Commodores. Oddly of the 4
prizes named after women, none had previously been a Commodore.

Many Commodores took years off before being elected for their 2 nd term.
1926 took off 4 years before being reelected in 1931. He was also the only
Commodore known to have sailed a skiff to or from another state until Commodores
2000 and 2001 matched his feat.

At the 100th Anniversary Dinner 1978 claimed to be the tallest Commodore, a
claim that 1975 disputed.

The 76th Commodore spent the summer racing a skiff of the same number.
And Commodore 1974 at some point today will be mentioning to anyone who will
listen that his record for the shortest July 4th meeting still stands (19 ½ minutes). He
also spent the winter after his election trying to figure out how he could end up with
the exact same point total in the Club Champs as the winner and still come in second.

At this point you are all probably wondering why I am up here relating all
this information. Commodores 1948 and 1974 believe that Casey Dannhauser in
2011 set the gold standrd for being the most organized and consientious
Commodore we have ever had. I am honored to present her with this Commodores
Ensign for that achievement.

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