Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sailors Please Read

CMYC Sailing Instructions

Originally created by Philip Odence, 6/90; updated 9/08

CMYC races shall be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.
Rules of the Cotuit Skiff class will apply.

Eligible skippers must be CMYC members and have paid annual CMYC dues.

The race committee will use the following designations to refer to racing marks and may give the course verbally:
C Codman’s (north of Codman’s Point)
IH Inner Harbor (northeast of Handy Point)
L Loop (east of Loop Beach)
LR Last Red channel marker, south end of channel
N North Bay (center of North Bay)
P Platt (off sea wall NW of mouth of Seapuit)
R Ropes (Near end of Ropes Beach anchorage channel)
ST Stookey’s (north side of channel near mouth of Narrows)
T Tausig (south of Loop buoy)
W Wianno (near end of channel at Wianno cut)
X Specified by race committee
Red will designate port rounding and green will designate starboard rounding.

Course Changes
The race committee may change or shorten the course by notifying all competitors prior to the first changed leg of a changed course or final leg of a shortened the course.
The race committee may abandon a race at any time by notifying competitors.
This changes rules 32 and 33.

The Start
Races will be started as follows using horns:
Multiple short Approximately 10 seconds before the 5 minutes signal
5 long 5 minutes for first class (preparatory signal)
3 long 3 minutes
2 long 2 minutes
1 long 1 minute
1 short 30 seconds
1 short 15 seconds
1 long Go (and 5 minutes for next class)
This changes rule 26.
The starting line will be between the position of the race committee member on the committee boat, using a staff is possible, and the starting mark.

The race committee will signal individual recalls verbally and will signal general recalls with multiple short horns.
This changes rule 29.

The Finish
The finish will be between the committee boat and the finishing mark.
In the case that the committee boat is not in position, racers shall finish by rounding the finishing mark in the direction of the rounding of the previous mark.

Time Limits
There are no explicit time lines on races, however the race committee may shorten or abandon races that are running longer than is reasonable.

Protests and Requests for Redress
A boat protesting another boat or requesting redress shall inform the race committee at the finish line. The race committee will attempt to convene a hearing on the beach after the race. The ruling of the hearing shall stand unless a protest or request is submitted to the Commodore or the Chairmen of the race committee within 24 hours of the end of the race. If, for whatever reason, a beach hearing is not held, a protesting boat or a boat requesting redress must submit a written protest or request as prescribed above.
This changes rule 61.

Series will be scored using the Cox Sprague system. Races may not be dropped, but not all races in a series may be required.
#-Races Required Races
Scoring is based on boat, except in the Junior, Cabot and Beanpot series in which it is based on skipper.

Safety Requirements
Boats are required to carry an anchor, a bucket, an oar and a painter for towing.

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