Thursday, July 19, 2012

Junior Seamanship Test

The Junior Seamanship Test has been rescheduled from last weekend. It will now be this coming Saturday at 12:30 down at the beach. In order for a junior to win an award in the junior series, they must pass this test. If one gets a score above 70 they pass, and if they get a score above 90 they are a "seaman" and are not required to take the test again the following year.

Scoring (as developed by Stan Solomon and Phil Odence in 1978)
-square (3)
-bowline (4)
-sheetbend (4)
-2 half hitches (3)
-clove hitch (3)
-end splice (3)
-short splice (3)
-eye splice (4)
-whip (no needle) (3)
Misc. skills
-reefing (5)
-boat to bed (6)
-rope coil (3)
-rope throw (3)
-rowing (3)
Rules (15)
-reef-shake (3)
-mooring (8)
-docking (8)
-beaching (8)
-man overboard (8)

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